Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bigjimmy’s Trailstar update

Bigjimmy’s Trailstar updated for some winter thrashing. New paint, Decals, wheels, tires, forks etc….
Rides nice and tight now, ideal burly singlespeed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

DMR Full Suspension/Slopestyle Prototype?

Taken from www.dirtmag.co.uk

Eagle eyed super sleuth Grant Robinson just beamed me over this exclusive DMR news. Stay tuned for more info.

Not sure whether we are in our place to stick this up but it looks to good to be true!

We've just been sent this picture of a bike...a DMR frame with a rear shock??

I've just been on the phone with the design half of DMR Damian Mason to get the lowdown, and he wasn't very forthcoming.

"It's the very first one, I knew we shouldn't have put the stickers on it...we wanted to keep it quiet whilst it's being tested."

Are there any details you can give us about it??

"Not really, not yet, it's over in Europe being tested and once we get more feedback on it we'll decide where we go with it."

Is it being tested to then go into production?

"Don't know, but if it works then I don't see why not."

We'll try to get some more pictures and keep you posted!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Velocipedestrian Trailstar

zippy the trailstar 120, pikes, xt x-type, juicy 5, raceface bits, rhyno lites....
its a bike! and i like it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brad's Trailstar

Hey my name is Brad,

I've been riding and breaking full sus trail bikes for 3 or so years now and decided it was time for a change. What a change it was too, have to say i love having the forks wound down and a nice steep head angle makes the bike feel really chuckable and nimble, especially compared to a 6 inch travel trail bike. Wind the forks out to 160 and it's a whole heap of fun on a downhill run. glad i made the change.

Trailstar 120
rockshox lyric uturn
2x8 xt drivetrain
521's on dmr revolvers
juicy 5's

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mike's Trailstars

Its fair to say I’ve always had a thing for DMR bikes ,the fact that Ive owned three pretty much sums it up.

My first one was a Blue Trailstar ,it was a great leap forward as far as frames go because at the time there weren’t very many downhill or jump Hard tails on the market and those that were Available had a pretty hefty price tag or were ridged aluminium. The DMR turned out to be a really a massive improvement on the norm, which was to use cross country frames. Suddenly having a seat so much lower provided so many more options and confidence in jumping. It also help actually having a frame with disk mounts too.

Having done some great racing on this frame id really pushed the limits and had to claim a warranty. It was down in Vic Park one year, it was a rough as guts course, so much so that half way through practice for the first time ever I seriously considered pulling out because it was so rough and I was getting hammering . It didn’t happen because a few mates seem to think id be ok and thought I was nailing the track pretty quick.

I think it was the fact that on one of the road gap jumps the landing was so rough and hard I’d loose a hand of the bar each time but still managed to recover from it. The end result was I cleaned up hard tail class by about 12 seconds but in the process the triple clamp forks had started ripping the head tube away from the frame.

I had a good working relationship with the rep from DMR and he had no problems sorting me out with a new Red Trailstar. This came with a few changes, vertical dropouts and a narrow rear tire clearance. Because I was keen to keep running triple clamp forks I decided to add my own head tube to down tube gusset by having some sheet metal wrapped around the top tube a few months later its arrival.

Probably was a good thing too because I continued racing that frame at the nationals with some good results. Because of the narrow tyre clearance I opted for a 24” rear wheel. Reason being that I could only fit in a 26” x 2.1 tyre but with a 24” I could get in a 2.6 high roller. This made for awesome cornering too.

I would have to say that in all the races I’ve done and on the all the different types of bikes (hartail and fully’s) during downhill racing it was on this frame that I made some of my personal career highlights. I don’t think ive challenged or pushed my riding so close to its limits or ever will.

That was all well in the past an recently Ive decided to acquire a hard tail frame for what I would call “aggressive county” and a DMR just seemed to be the best option for the cash by a mile.

I love the new drop out scheme too; I’ve got it on my transition too so it means I can swap wheels around really easily.

I’ve only done a few rides and will be taking my time relearning how to ride a hard tail but I’ll have to say the first thing that I noticed is how rough it wasn’t to ride, I was expecting to get hammered way more, but when I think about it, it was what I remembered about loving DMR frames from the start, a feeling of it just feeling right.

Michael Williamson

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dean's "Blue Meanie" Updated Pics

Taken from the 2009 SS Champs, NZ
Photos Copyright Vertphoto

KoNa_dHer's Rhythm

My Rhythm. Awesome little bike, heaps of fun to muck around on. would love to be able to ride it more.

Jay1491's "Sex Panther" Trailstar

About a year and a half old and i love it. I'm 17 and its my only bike, paid for by myself. Don't think i could have chosen a better bike for me, it does trail riding, races and all the stupid little stunts i want to do with out a fuss.
Love my bike.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vee's spangly Trailstar

Frame - DMR Trailstar 16" with Swapouts
Forks - Rockshox Pikes 426s
Wheelset - Atomlab General Issue 26.R rims, Atomlab GI hubs
Cranks - Shimano LX, 175mm
Brakes - Hayes 9 hydros (hand-me-downs from Stinky)
Pedals - DMR V8

Shimano SLX shifter and an XT medium cage derailleur and bashguard coming